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Press Release
Press Release

Georgios Giannakas has been already established in the Greek Conjectural area as one of the most remarkable representatives of the Assemblages. This term is used to describe structures that are assembled with various objects which are alienated from their functional utility and create a whole new relationship which is loaded with the personal participation of the artist. Thus the engine parts are transformed into human or animal forms or even into natural shapes.
Giannakas with the power of his imagination and with the ability to synthesize and organize, creates ensembles of exceptional quality in which the space is binded and impotant visual values are exposed, meanwhile a slight overtone of irony transfers his creations in the bounderies of a surrealistic confrontation of the world.
So we don't have here simple and ready made like Marcel Duchamp but a whole reconstruction of detachments of reality mostly that of engines, in visual ensembles which foment a personal myth with true artistic values.

            Dr. History of Art
                   University of Athens     

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