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Georgios Giannakas

He was born in Athens in Ampelokipous. In 1965 he graduated the school of Engineering Officers of the Commercial Navy. At the same time with his business activities he studied painting and sculpture, until 1970.
With sculpture he has been working exclusively since 1980, by creating a workshop in Palaio Faliro where he has been living working.

Some of his creations are:
At the Museum Borre, at the Museum of Modern Art Goulandri and in private collections in Greece, in Italy England ,France and  the Usa.

In public places:
Coast drive Poseidonos in P. Faliro
Attica drive in Paiania
Cyprus square in Paiania
Individual Exhibitions:
1987 Cultural Center of P. Faliro
1988 Hall of Art "DADA"
1990 Hall of Art "STAGES"
1991 Hall of Art "EXPRESSION"
1992 Hall of Art "STAGES"
1993 Kiosk S.E.E.A
1994 Hall of Art "EXPRESSION"
1995 Hall of Art of Neo Psyxico
1996 Kiosk of S.E.E.A
1997 Hall of Art "EXPRESSION"

Team Exhibitions:
Panhellenic Sculptures E.E.T.E 1994-1995-1996 in ancient Olympia, in the museums Borre and Goulandri and has taken part in more than 30 Galleries in Greece and abroad.
He is a member of the Society of Fine Arts since 1990.

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